Packing and Excitement

Tomorrow is the big day.  I drive to the Mustang Heritage Foundation ranch in Georgetown, TX.  We leave there at 1 p.m. to go to Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma.  They’ve book us hotel rooms for the night.  We’ll get up Monday morning and pick out our mustangs and then head back to Georgetown and there is a reception.

So, about the reception.  I have social anxiety issues as a result of my PTSD.  I am worried about the reception because there are going to be:  MHF Staff, Purple Hearts, 100 Club members, Ann Marie Ludlow with the Advocate Newspaper, a Troop of Boy Scouts and other interested veterans and supporters.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get through it without any problems and hopefully I’ll enjoy it.  They’re all obviously good people and committed to the program and to veterans.  I’ve got some extra medication if I need it.

Now, to the fun stuff.  Yesterday I bought a new Stetson straw hat.  I have my old hat that I plan on using during the training but I have the new Stetson for the reception.  I have another hat that I bought last year that just doesn’t fit my basketball shaped head.  Last week I bought some new ropers boots because my old ones are worn out, but, much like my old cowboy hat, they’ll be good to have during training.

Today I packed my camping equipment and supplies, even though I’m not camping on this trip.  I’ll be staying in a hotel due to the weather.  I plan on going out and scouting the campgrounds so when I stay there next time, I’ll know what to expect.  It is fun packing the supplies, like when I was a kid with my grandparents and we’d pack to go to their lake house at Sam Rayburn lake.  The expectation is always considerable and my enthusiasm tends to boil over.  Typically it is times like this when, if in a social environment, I spout out the wrong thing and make everyone feel awkward or down right insult them inadvertently.  lol


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