Beginning The Journey – Mustangs & Veterans

So here it is.  February 4th, 2017 and in one week, I begin my journey with the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s “Veterans & Mustangs” on Sunday, February 12th.  I have received all of the information and forms.  We meet at the Mustang Heritage Facility in Georgetown, Texas on Sunday the 12th at noon.  At 1 p.m. we leave in a van for Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma.  The plan is to get up early on Monday, February 13th and pick out our wild mustangs and head back to Georgetown, where we will spend the next three days getting to know our horse and beginning the training for both of us.

Additionally, due to my head injuries, age and time, I have experienced memory issues and have been told that those will not improve.  I want to be able to go back and relive the experience as well as share it with others, particularly my friends and family.  Most important are my children, who are now adults themselves.  I want them to know about the journey and to experience it through my words.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited.  Today my wife, Karen, and I went to Michael’s craft store so she could pick up some items for her new office.  While we were there, I picked up some new sketch pencils, a sketch book and a journal to take along with me.  I’ll be spending some days camping at the campground at Granger Lake so I’ve had the fun of buying new camping supplies to go along with the older stuff I’ve had for years.  This will be my first time tent camping in many years and I’m looking forward to getting up early, putting a percolator on the fire and inhaling that first wisp of freshly percolated coffee.  I won’t be sleeping on the ground.  I have a cot.  My body isn’t in any condition to be sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground.

In addition to my giddiness over the prospect of camping, I’ve also been writing down possible names for the new horse.  I don’t name animals myself, I usually ask them their names and they tell me in their own way (don’t ask me to describe it).  But, some of the names I’ve been coming up with are:


Eureka, Eureka Marie, Analiese, Stormy, Madeline, Alma, Katherine, Kate,


Apache, Brando, Bandit, Lakota, Duke, Caesar, Nolan, Storm, Smokey, Skipper, Audie, Charlie, Ely, Buck, Elroy, Sue, Rainmaker, Compadre, Thunder, Boba Yaga, Blue, Roger


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